LSA Student Chapter

The LSA Student Chapter is a professional leadership organization that uses an innovative ”no control/influence” leadership methodology. This methodology uses natural laws and logic to resolve issues rather than the traditional approach of using experience and technical knowledge. It has been proven in the industry to reduce the effort of project management and delivery of professional services by up to 40%. We help professionals and students by:

1. Teaching them how to “Know everything without knowing anything”.

2. Enabling them to compete with experts in the industry without going through the years of experience.

3. Helping them discover alignment principles, to quickly obtain wisdom that normally requires years to discover.

4. Helping them to understand why things happen, who people are and what they will do.

5. Teaching them how to increase productivity in their own personal and professional life with minimal information and effort.

6. Teaching them how to think, and make others think less in order to add value to the world.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to educate and align. We stand by the concept that productivity increases with simplicity. By educating students and professionals on a methodology that simplifies how we see the world around us, we hope to create a network of visionary students and companies that can facilitate academic to professional partnerships.

Research Initiative

The LSA Student Chapter (LSA) has recently implemented the Alignment Leadership Initiative (ALI) to remedy the impending talent shortage problem that many companies are facing. The ALI seeks to align our top students with local industry opportunities. The ALI enables students to produce competitive business solutions comparable to seasoned professionals. LSA has identified that the industry and academia are in silos, and neither party fully understands how to benefit the other in order to nurture a win-win environment. As a response, LSA created the ALI to serve as an interface between academia and industry. This provides a pipeline of highly effective students from K-12 to college that can add value to the industry.

Tested the ALI model with 2 local companies. LSA received satisfaction ratings of 10 out of 10.

Taught 9 K-12 summer courses with a student satisfaction rating of 9 out of 10.

Partnered with High Schools to provide a leadership training courses.

Held 4 leadership conferences in the last 2 years, attracting 300+ students and businesses.<

Created a website which 4 different universities and schools are using to educate their students.

Supporting Research

LSA is backed by $16M of research using the same leadership model that the ALI is based off of. It  has been tested over the last 23 years, delivering professional services with the following results:

1. 1800+ projects delivered worth $6.3B with a 98% customer satisfaction with 123 companies

2. Decreased the cost of services on average by 31%

3. Vendors were able to offer the client 38% more value

4. Decreased client efforts by up to 79%

This leadership model has also been tested in the various college courses:

1. Most popular class [Rate my professor rating of 4.9 (out of 5.0), 150 slots fill up in less than an hour, taught over 900+ students with a class rating of 4.7 (out of 5.0)]

2. Students learn complex concepts 4 to 5 times faster

3. 30% of students have reported making drastic changes in their life as a result of the class (overcoming depression, alcoholism, addictions, family/mental instability, etc.)