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stressssssStudies throughout the years have indicated that stress can lead to many negative physical and mental outcomes. These studies have concluded that stress can lead to an increase chance of developing many illnesses, including various heart disease and depression. This article summarizes the results of a study done by Harvard Business School and Stanford University. According to the analysis performed on 228 cases of stress in the workplace and health effects, stress causes a 50% increase in the chance of poor health. The likelihood of obtaining a doctor-diagnosed illness also increases by about 35%. Some of the more common workplace stressors mentioned in the article were long shift hours, heavy workload, and family conflicts created by work. The study also uses the research to describe changes that can be made to business policies in order to reduce these risks associated with workplace stress.
Stress-at-Work-930x521The dominant IMT theories in this study are the perception of influence and the concept of left side and right side people. Based on many of the workplace stressors addressed in the study, it seems that many of the people who are becoming stressed at work are show many right side characteristics. Worrying is a right side characteristics and one of the main reasons people become stressed.
One of the biggest concerns in the article, increasing poor health by 50%, was the idea that you might lose your job soon. The people that become stressed at work believe in the idea that their boss is controlling them and have fear over losing a job. In reality, each person’s controls their own future, and when people have a perception of no influence, they can be at peace and decrease their stress levels in every aspect of their lives.





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