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China has just begun to implement these safe havens for the abandonment of babies called baby hatches. Any parents can drop off their unwanted child any time of the day. Once the child is placed in the hatch, an alarm sounds and a welfare worker attends to the baby within minutes. Surprisingly, the most non-obvious reason parents are leaving their children is due to birth defects and diseases, or simply because they cannot afford a child at the time.

Are baby hatches promoting the abandonment of infants in China? By using IMT, we can reach the conclusion that baby hatches will not cause an increase in abandoned babies. The parents will abandon their infant with or without the baby hatch. The benefit of the baby hatch is that it is a way to give up a child anonymously giving parents a better way to get rid of an unwanted child. The next question is how will china prepare for the increase in the population of adoption homes.

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