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The Dark Knight – Ferry Experiment

One scene of Batman: The Dark Knight has the Joker, who managed to place bombs on two ferries: one carrying prisoners and the other carrying law-abiding citizens. The Joker has also given each boat the detonator to the other boat’s explosives, and threatens that if someone does not blow the other boat up then he will detonate the explosives on both boats. He is performing a twisted social experiment to see who would detonate each other’s bombs first.

Nepalese Slave Labor

Nepalese workers have been building Qatar’s 2022 Word Cup stadiums.  They work under harsh, terrible conditions daily.  However, after the April 2015 earthquake struck, the worst atrocity yet emerged: over 25,000 people died or were injured in the earthquake. But Nepalese workers are forbidden to visit their homeland for funerals of their family members. Nepal’s

Kanye West’s Debt

On the 13th of February, 2016 some shocking news came when superstar Kanye West revealed on Twitter that he is $53 million in debt. Of course, Twitter isn’t the most reputable platform and Kanye has been known to say crazy things at times, so we can’t be certain that this is true. However, if it