3 things you don’t know about migraines

head acheArticle Summary:

Are migraines predictable? Can they be controlled? Society has viewed people who get migraines as helpless victims. People who have a disease and are unable to do anything to prevent them. Advancements in medicine and the human body are finding that migraines are more predictable and controllable than we might have thought. This article identifies three things that might trigger migraines: Obesity, Lightning striking within 25 miles, and improper treatment of lesser forms of headaches.

What we can learn from the Yarnell firefighters


yarnell fire

Article Summary:

On June 30th, 2013, 19 firefighters were found victims of the Yarnell Hill Fire, making it one of America’s deadliest fires. At the time it seemed like another unpredictable tragedy, however, as more information has surfaced in the last 2 months, the findings seem to be showing the opposite. The situation surrounding the death of the 19 firefighters seems to be riddled with human error. Some experts identifying that if correct procedures were followed the deaths should never have occurred.

Hindsight is always 20/20. It is amazing how many accidents are blamed due to circumstances “out of our control”, however, as we gain more information and look back on events we find the biggest problem is human judgment and decision making in the moment. One of the problems identified in the Yarnell tragedy is that the firefighters lost their look-out and they were too close to the fire, which prevented them from seeing the safe route out of the situation. Showing that having a person who is distanced from the event and can see the entire picture can help minimize risk and prevent tragedy.

10 Ways We Get Smarter As We Age

Old PeopleArticle Summary:

Do we get smarter with age? Does our ability to perceive and process slow down? Recent studies have shown how older individuals are able to process quicker than younger individuals. Although, the medical world identifies that the “brain’s processing speed slows with age”, the findings of new studies shows that older people are processing information quicker and perceive more. Some of the characteristics they have found is as follows:

1. As we age we are more capable of seeing the big picture and seeing reality (Study published in Journal of Neuron in 2005, study performed by Psychologist Allison Sekuler, PhD, of McMaster University in Canada). Younger people focus more on detail, older people take in the entire scene.

A Finicky Thief of the Finest Silver Is Arrested Again

PoliceArticle Summary:

Blane Nordahl, age 51, was arrested for multiple thefts of antique silver in Atlanta. After further investigation, Nordahl is suspected of being responsible for more than 500 thefts in the last 30 years.Lonnie Mason, a retired New Jersey detective, identified the thief, by noticing a pattern of the thefts by watching reports on the internet. Through advising a 24 member team from six States, Mr. Mason was able to lead the team to arresting Mr. Nordahl.

The more information a person perceives the more predictable others become. An expert with minimal details can predict the future outcome. After being exposed to Nordahl’s history it becomes obvious who the silver thief had to be.

The Tragedy of Derek Jeter’s Defense

BaseballArticle Summary: 

Is Derek Jeter a good shortstop? After winning 5 gold gloves (only 4 other shortstops have beat this record) you would wonder why this is even a question, however, when looking at the right information you find an interesting conclusion. Ben Lindbergh identifies that analysis of Derek’s performance by play-by-play systems shows that Derek has cost his team more in the field than any other player in history. Ben identifies that although Derek has a high percentage of outs per balls he gets to, Derek in actuality gets to very few balls compared to other good shortstops and some of the current baseball measurements are flawed. Ben identifies a couple of metrics that give an accurate picture of the performance of shortstops:

Exercise & Sleep

sleeping_infant_by_mysage-d392ukeArticle Summary:

Does exercise help you sleep better? Dr. Baron an expert on treating sleep problems with exercise identified that many people claimed it did not. After additional research into a 2010 study concluding that exercise helped people sleep better, she found that it took on average 4 months for people with sleep problems to overcome them with exercise. In fact, many of the people in the study recorded in their journals that at the beginning, exercise caused their sleep problems to worsen before it improved it.

The more information you have the more you understand. The less confusion. The less exceptions. The greater your results will be. Change requires vision and consistency. Hopefully this article gives people enough vision to stick with exercising to overcome their sleep problems!

Drug Sentences

holderArticle Summary:

This week, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the Justice Department would no longer pursue harsh sentences for low-level and non-violent drug offenders. Such a decision comes on the realization that incarceration is “ineffective and unsustainable.” Some punishment will still be given to those who break the law in regards to drugs. However, the sentences that will be given to these small time offenders will match the crimes they commit, instead of being irrationally harsh.

Detroit Bankruptcy


Detroit filed bankruptcy on July 25 ,2013, making it the largest American city to take such a course of action. The implications of this bankruptcy are that investors and retirees will receive only 17% of their previous funds.

The American public was completely surprised as Governor
Rick Snyder approved this course of action. Many citizens believe this ordeal will happen to other cities, too! To them, it seems as though Detroit’s bankruptcy was a random event.

Despite the fact that the American public was in total shock, those who understand the facts can quickly conclude the cause of bankruptcy. Detroit has accumulated numerous problems and few solutions, ultimately leading to their downfall.

Four Million Dollar Teacher


Article Summary:

Kim Ki-hoon, South Korea’s “rock-star” school teacher, accumulates $4 million a year. Unlike other teachers across the globe, Mr. Kim gets paid for his efforts rather than hours. With 20 years of experience, this innovative teacher utilizes his expertise by producing video lectures and textbooks to tutor students after school. Because his lectures are recorded for online usage, he only lectures in-class about three hours a week

Mr. Kim gets compensated so generously because South Korea school system called hagwons, or private, after-school tutoring academies. This system lets students choose which teacher they want, allowing  teachers to receive an increase in respect, money, and satisfaction for their work ethic.


smoking-acneSmoking is a process in which tobacco is burned and the smoke is tasted and inhaled. It is one of the most common forms of recreational drug use. For this reason, about one-third of adult males smoke globally and about 15 billion cigarettes are sold daily, which equates to 10 million sold each minute.  There have been extensive studies performed on the effects of smoking. With this information readily available, the number of smokers in the U.S. has decreased dramatically. Since 1965, the percentage of adults smoking has dropped from 42% to 19% in 2010.