Stress at Work is just as Bad as Secondhand Smoke

Studies throughout the years have indicated that stress can lead to many negative physical and mental outcomes. These studies have concluded that stress can lead to an increase chance of developing many illnesses, including various heart disease and depression. This article summarizes the results of a study done by Harvard Business School and Stanford University.

Simple Language, Bright Minds

Most college students can related to the experience of trying to fill up a paper with longer, more complex words to make themselves sound smarter. But a new study out of UCLA suggests that simpler language is what make one appear smarter. Apparently, using larger more complex words when a simpler one suffices, causes your

Modern Torture

Torture has been around for ages and has been used in many different ways. The traditional reasons for torture is to punish and discourage others from committing crimes but the most common use is to obtain information. Although torture is considered inhumane and uncivilized, the practice continues today because people believe that it is necessary to get