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article-1387291-0440F6890000044D-644_468x390 Article Summary:

The Daily New Reports that just about every candidate for Mayor position in New York is proposing to lift the ban on cell phones in a school that was put in place in 2006. Although mayoral candidates agreed and understood that educators find that cellphones are distracting and can foster cheating, the surrounding communities (especially parents) have the strong defense against this debate: safety. Especially after the 9/11 attacks, and school shootings, parents pushed that banning cell phones is problematic because cellphones are the only way of being in direct contact with their children in case of an emergency and the general whereabouts of their children. Was it surprising that “no cell phone” ban would not last?

The Education administration tried to control how the students were using their cell phones and explained that banning cell phones in class would lead to a decrease in cheating, racy bathroom pictures, and gang related fights, and reduce the theft of phones in schools. Yet even when the ban was in place, and metal detectors were placed right before schools’ entrances, students still would find ways to hide their cell phones in their clothes, lunches, and more sneaky places. Just about every student has a cell phone these days, and trying to control their use their cell phones was not successful and not favorable to the public. Until the Administration can gather more information in understanding ways to still keep students from being distracted by their cellphones in class, and other non academic related activities, bans on cellphones may not be the best alternative.

Article reference: 

Mayoral hopefuls vow to lift cell phone bans in schools – Celeste Katz – Daily News – April 26, 2013 – Retrieved from http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/mayoral-hopefuls-vow-lift-school-cell-phone-ban-article-1.1328874#ixzz2lmlqSJyF

School Cell Phone Ban Causes Uproar – Amy Clark – CBSNEWS – May 12, 2006 –Retrieved from http://www.cbsnews.com/2100-201_162-1616330.html

Comments (7)

  1. Alejandro Mendez


    It is interesting to consider what the administrators were originally hoping the ban would do. Here we have individuals ignoring the dominant information that is present before them. Before cell phones were present, every unacceptable behavior trend that they have listed were present in schools. The administrators are currently defining cell phones as the source except that it is the new reliable method for certain behavioral trends. They attempt to control the situation, a characteristic of type C personalities, and fail because they do not have all of the information. They create stress for themselves due to the fact that they can not control the students, who themselves are adept at finding ways to circumvent the attempts of control.

  2. Stephen Phelps


    This is an interesting article to highlight the IMT concept that there can not be any control or influence in the world. This article also shows how apparent the effects of attempting to control things in almost all cases back fires. Within this school we find that due to the lack of cell phones and being cut off from communications that students are at a greater risk than the inherent problems that the school believes having cell phones in the classroom can cause students. I agree that it is not in the best interest of the students to be cut off from that communication because it will have more negative side-effects than if they were to be trusted with that responsibility. The truth is those who want to bring cell phones will be able to infiltrate the system and smuggle them in if necessary. This is reminds me of prisons where the more controls that are put in place allows for greater dangers to be presented because those imprisoned will always find another means to acquire what they want. Overall, I can see why the mayors are interested in lifting these bans with recent tragic school events and the fact that the students could very directly be the votes that they desire in the future.

  3. Teja Reddy


    This article clearly relate to “control” concept of IMT, once again government trying to control the use of cellphone by students and has failed. When use cellphones are disturbing to the educators, they (students+parents+educators) together should come up with alternatives which can satisfy everyone rather than imposing bans.

  4. Ethan


    This article shows that control does not work. People today are attached to their phones like another limb and it is unreasonable to require a no phone policy in a place where students are going to be for 8 to 9 hours at a time. I think the safety concerns are much more important then trying to control students and how they are going to act.

  5. John


    I think either way the kids will be on their cellphones. If you watch people in public you will notice that pretty much everyone is looking down at their phone. It is a developing thing with humans now that they can’t be disconnected from the world, so they turn to their phones constantly. People text and drive because they can’t be alone for a 5 minute drive.

  6. Serb Brar


    I agree with Nick, especially since it highlights how ineffective this widespread ban is. In fact, it distracts from the environment more as more people are now focusing on how to smuggle their cell phones into a theoretically safe environment and this focuses more on how students are not responsible and must be controlled. However, a lack of control will allow students to be more engaged with creating their own learning environment as opposed to responding to the limitations placed on them.

  7. Nick Galles


    This is a great example of how control and influence does not work. Clearly kids are going to use their phones regardless of a ban and students are probably more likely to actually use them for cheating. Allowing students to have cell phones at school shows that they are trusted and maybe the students will actually use them more responsibly.

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