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Classes 2

asuClasses Available at ASU:

Deductive Logic, Leadership/Management Techniques – CON 294 / HON 394

Advanced Procurement Systems – CON 567 / CON 494 / HON 494

Information Measurement Theory – CON 565 /CON 494 / HON 494

  Honors Thesis          Example Presentations         


This course provides an overview of Information Measurement Theory and its application in various contexts. The aim is to understand how and why humans interact in the ways they do depending on their environment. Using IMT along with other perspectives and research as guiding frameworks, we explore issues affecting our lives and work in various industries. Through discussion, debate, and written assignments, students will learn to communicate this information in a dominant manner that follows the IMT logic. The course material will come from history’s visionaries, including Socrates, Einstein, and Deming.

This will teach students a structure in which they can “know everything without knowing any technical information.” As a result, students will be able to investigate ways to analyze reality and problems occurring in every industry, and find the simple and logical solutions that can be applied to everyday work.  IMT is a foundation of many leading-edge technologies that have been developed at ASU and tested worldwide in construction and non-construction related services.


Student1 “There is no extreme pressure about grades. I was able to relax and focus on class discussions and then get the most I could out of them.” Kayla Krassa

Student 2

“How different it is from any other college class. It makes sense, I learned more than I have from most other classes, and it didn’t add to my stress at all. This should be the ideal form of a college course!” David Gastelum

Alice Stevens 2“In response to any questions regarding the class CON 294 taught by Dr. Dean Kashiwagi, let me begin by stating that this is by far the most valuable class I have taken at ASU. Not only is the curriculum intellectually stimulating, but it is also extraordinarily useful and applicable to all areas of life.”

Alice Stevens

Why should you take this course?

This course is not like any other course at ASU. It focuses on teaching students how to think for themselves and puts them in a environment where they can learn at their own pace. We do this by having interactive classes where they can ask questions, state their opinion and think through concepts logically.

This class is so unique because it will open your mind to concepts that will help you for the rest of your life. At the end of the course students will be able to:

– Learn how to rely on observation rather than just blind acceptance of norms.

– Learn to identify reality for what it is and how to predict it.

– Learn to simplify rather than complicate.

– Learn to think of the whole rather than in detail

– Be able to better understand people

– Understand that everyone controls their own life

– Identify the control everyone has over their own life

– Identify and utilize dominant information


Dean 1


For More Information

Dean Comments

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