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KSM Left

Who is on My Molecule?

Control right

WIOMMEach person is surrounded by his environment. This environment includes everything and everyone around him. This could include: people such as family, friends, enemies, schoolmates, coworkers; Locations such as home, work, school; Possessions such as money, cars, and clothes; Characteristics such as intelligent, angry, depressed and happy; or events such as tragedies. Everything and everyone create your environment.

WIOMM identifies that everything in your environment is directly connected to you. In other words your environment is simply a reflection of yourself. Thus by observing a person’s environment we can identify the type of person he is and vice versa. Nothing in a person’s environment is there by chance.

Major points of WIOMM

An individual’s environment is everything and everyone around him

An individual’s environment is a reflection of the individual

Nothing is in an individual’s environment by chance

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Stephen Phelps

Before taking this course I didn’t realize just how accurate this model was, especially in describing how individuals are not a product of their environment rather their environment is a product of who they are. As it is written, “An individual’s environment is a reflection of the individual” helps us to have a better understanding of why people that have been given similar opportunities can have vastly different results within their lives. Mastery of this concept would allow me to understand more about people to be able to know how to interact with them in the most effective ways possible because I now understand that I have no control nor influence over them and expecting them to change is unrealistic. This is a concept that I believe will truly change my life because I will have the ability to understand and be able to relate to others to increase productivity by mastering this concept.

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