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Natural Laws

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Natural Laws

Do you believe in chance and randomness? Does life seem complex and unpredictable? These perceptions are the cause of most of the stress, fear and anxiety we experience. As chaotic as life may seem there is order to it all. The ideas of randomness and complexity are created and exist only in our mind. The reality of things is that life is predictable and never by chance.

For instance, if a person were to leap off a building without anything but the clothes on his back we could predict this person would fall. A million people could do it but because of the law of Gravity the result would be the same. Gravity is a Natural Law. Natural Laws govern how conditions change. We did not create gravity nor do we create any Natural Laws, we merely discover them. Everything that happens is explained by these Natural Laws and happens for a reason; there is no chance to life. We often forget this simple truth and blind ourselves to reality with words such as “chance” or “luck”.

Change in Perception (We will never know all Natural Laws so why is this useful)


When Life Seems Random 


Do Natural Laws Apply to People Too?


Still Confused?


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