Debt collectors are some of the most hated people in the world! Why is this? The answer seems obvious to most people, they want money from you and they will do anything to get it. This seems to be the normal debt collector, but does it have to be this way? What if debt collectors actually cared about you and wanted the best for you? What would happen?

This debt agency took a different approach to their job. They decided to make a bad situation into a win-situation for both the agency and the debtor. This agency did something that all the others agencies didn’t want to do , and that was to think in the best interest of the debtors as well as themselves. A true visionary person can find solutions to problems that help both parties of a situation. He sees the needs of others and uses those to accomplish his goals. He makes any situation a win-win.

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  1. Haitham


    I like this article and the way the debt collectors used and I hope all the debt collectors go the same way. kindness this everything, trying to help people to get a job and pay back to the debt collector is a smart way. The president of this debt collector is a genius man to come up with this idea. He end up getting 200% that other agency.

  2. Camille Armendariz


    This is a perfect example of the changes and progress a Type A person can make. It really exemplifies how Type A characteristics make up a visionary. In class we talked about how the purpose of life is to help people and that is exactly what CFS2 is doing; they are helping people get out of their debt and helping them better their lives and it is also beneficial to the company. It goes to show how stagnant and inefficient blindness and the lack of kindness to other people are. This video was inspiring and is a nice reminder that good guys don’t always finish last.

  3. Stephen Phelps


    Thank you for sharing this article and video with us, what a fascinating approach to conducting business. I believe that the reason that Bartman is experiencing 200% more success than his competitors is for the reason that as a company they are focused on a particular mission. That mission may even represent the meaning of life itself, which in my mind is to lift and bless the lives of others. I am grateful that this model is in place to help people successfully get back on their feet, as it was proven in this short clip their kindness pays large dividends. Instead of trying to escape the debt collectors and evade them by any means necessary these debtors develop a desire to repay a “friend” for helping them to get back on their feet financially. Not only will this model effect the lives of those that are directly involved but I believe it will have a ripple effect in touching the lives of many as they too pay it forward.

  4. Caleb Vanderploeg


    This is a great idea. For most debt companies, they collect as much money as they can and then throw away the customer when they can no longer pay. With this method business can only continue if they get more debtors. This company is farming their debtors and allowing them to be return customers giving them the means to pay back their debts. Also they are trying to become the debtors friend and you are much more likely to work hard to repay a friend then someone you see as the enemy so the clients are much more likely to actually take new jobs and work harder in order to pay back the debt collection company.

  5. Kyle Westlake


    This works perfectly with IMT. By creating a win win situation, more people will end up paying back their debt. If every company thought like this, there would be a lot less people currently in debt. According to IMT, this debt company is a type A company.

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