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The whole idea of decision making can be regarded as a process that either results from belief or experience. The art of decision making has always remained a topic of discussion in the professional environment. But the whole idea of decision making is a myth. The outcome of the so called decision making process may result from an action of belief, a process of taking a lottery between choices. A visionary never follows this path.

The logical and rational person never lets the fate of a process depend on a decision. Any situation has a set of initial conditions. Initial conditions are any factor or issue that has a connection with a process. Every process is built upon basic elements governed by natural laws. Natural laws are the basic principles that govern reality. These factors may result from small and simple phenomena to larger cause-and-effect concepts that are fixed in place. These natural laws form the basic elements of every action that we carry out.

As mentioned in IMT, there are two more important things one should recognize before deciding on something. The first being the theory that strongly suggests that there is only one possible outcome for any event. From a particular starting point if we aim to end up in a specific finishing point there is just one way or one specific route that will be taken for arriving at the desired finishing point. There are never multiple destinations at the end of one path. One who understands this and keeps trying to find that single path stays ahead in the curve and has better possibilities to attain success. When we can predict the future from the experiences and conditions, we tend to act faster and more efficiently. The second key theory is the idea that there is no chance or luck involved in any process. We can never leave the fate of our next action in hands of “chance”. A visionary person works in a streamlined manner to gather the information possible at the initial point and study the impact of natural laws to predict the perfect path to the final outcome.

When our understanding of reality becomes simple and plain to see, predictions become knowledge, and decisions disappear entirely.

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