As I was exploring the options for this assignment, I came across an inspirational speaker whose ideas are visionary and quite similar to IMT. Her name is Esther Hicks. In this video she points out that one does not have any control over others and one can only control one’s own life. She gives examples of instances where people tried to control others but failed in their endeavor as humans do not like to be told what they should do. It is innate to human nature to do what they want.

I thought this video was quite interesting as it discussed ideas that are homogenous to what we are learning in IMT. IMT teaches us not to intervene in others lives and to focus only on our actions, which in turn simplifies our life, lowers the risk factor, and increases the quality of life. This video has a message that echoes the concepts of IMT and it teaches us how to lead an uncomplicated life.

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