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euArticle Summary:

After recent allegations of US spying by Edward Snowden, the EU has proposed a draft of regulations intended to protect citizen’s digital data. Specifically the legislation would prohibit companies from sharing citizen’s data with a non EU country and impose limits on the use of personal data by companies. In order to implement such a wide ranging piece of legislation, many companies would need to purchase data-protection professionals. However, one French company points out a number of significant loopholes in the legislation that will allow some companies to easily escape the consequences, or may damage legitimate uses of online personal data.

This is a great example of a government trying to “control” a situation, and the negative consequences that can result. Ultimately, only consumers can demand change, and the only effective change will come from the major powerhouses of the internet, the ISPs, e-mail servers, Google and Facebook. Any solution by an “outsider” will likely be ineffective against another “outsider” like the US, who the legislation is trying to impede.

Article Reference:

Critics condemn new EU data-protection legislation – BBC News Technology — October 22 2013 – Retrieved from http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-24622919


Comments (3)

  1. Brian West


    We have seen the idea of control used in many circumstances, this is no different. This article makes it apparent that the regulations would control the companies and individuals information. This will not work based on the IMT principles. People need to realize that any information they give to companies, could be shared. A type A person would see this and restrict what information they give out. The type C person would try to regulate what a company could do with their information.

  2. Juan Mora


    KSM has taught us that the idea of “control” and “influence” does not exist. No matter how hard you try, you can not control another person. They are their own entity. This article is not an exception. You can not expect to be able to control this situation. Alignment is the only thing that can be done.

  3. Branden Lau


    In addition to the concept of control, I also think that the IMT concept of being able to predict the future also applies. Given enough information, a Type A person would be able to see the outcome of future events and in this instance would be able to see the possibility of citizens’ data being comprised. Additionally, the notion that the only way to enact change is through alignment of interests is also applicable.

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