NFL (1)Fantasy football has been one of my favorite hobbies for the past 4 years. At the start of the NFL season my friends and I participate in a fantasy football league that gets extremely competitive. Our egos and pride are on the line as we gear up head to head each week against one of our best friends. Naturally, in a room full of young adults obsessed with football, the competitive atmosphere raises stress levels. This has been the case until I started applying KSM and IMT towards fantasy football.

In fantasy football, a decision needs to be made in order to determine which specific players to start each week. In the past, I spent hours contemplating which player to start each week. This raised my stress level and contributed to many losing weeks. When I started applying IMT towards fantasy football, it became shockingly clear which player to start each week. Utilizing the past performances and the power rankings alone, it is clear which player will perform better on any given week when contemplating between two. Viewing the past performance and power rankings are basically looking at unique initial conditions and all the information known about a topic. Once I know this information, there is no decision to be made; there is only one correct player to start.

This greatly reduces my stress level each week and also stops me from believing that luck and chance have anything got to do with a player’s performance. IMT and KSM has made my fantasy football experience significantly less stressful and much more simple.

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