Michael Kimmel details all of the scientifically proven ways that gender equality can improve the workforce, interpersonal relationships, and every individual’s own life, whether male or female. Kimmel pointed out that men often resist gender equality because they are entitled. Men have been told by society for all of history that they are superior, and thus feel entitled to the privilege they hold. Kimmel argues that men are not superior; men and women are equal and to accept this would improve all of society.

This seems to directly relate to IMT, which says that all people involved in an event are equally important to that event. Although there are Type A people and Type C people, neither one is better than the other; they are just different. No matter how you divide people up, all are equally valuable. Whether Type A or Type C, male or female, or white or black, every person is vital to every event on their molecule. It is human nature to categorize people, and to see differences in others.  However, IMT reminds us that differences are not bad. They exist for a reason, and all people deserve equal respect, because everyone is doing the best that they can do. It is time to give all genders equality in all parts of life.

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