There are no words to adequately describe the life of a great man! Mohandas K. Gandhi ‘s life is a inspiration to all people striving to understand the world in a better light. This movie depicts the development of Gandhi as he leads his people to freedom and overcomes continual persecution. Throughout the movie, he struggles to share his vision of the future and advocate a better style of living. He tries to force his country into change but resistance continually follows. Towards the end of his life, Gandhi begins to realize that he cannot change his people and that they are not ready for freedom yet. He then decides to help his people see the vision of freedom for themselves.  Finally, the people are ready and Gandhi leads his people to freedom . He is a true example of a visionary who lives what he teaches.

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    It took Gandhi a great portion of his life to rid himself of the misconception of control and influence of others.
    It was not until after this occurred that he was able to begin to offer the necessary information of freedom to his people so that they could themselves desire freedom and then begin to take the steps to obtain it.

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