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Great Defects

With great people come great defects. I don’t know if I am great, but I certainly have great defects. Some I have identified and I work on. Others, more dangerous, remain hidden and make themselves known to the rest of the world in the most inconvenient of times. It is here where most of my stories are born, during that time we lay staring at the ceiling in the middle of the night and think “I should not have said that.”

There are also times when I easily sink into bed undisturbed by the days’ events, not knowing there were many things I should not have said or done. The latter are the defects I am most interested in. Many have found these to be reflected on their stories, art work or anything they create or touch. We are blind men and women who see only what we want to see, but touch as if it could heal; many times blinded also to the repercussions of our actions and the effect we have on our environments. But there are times, strangely but surely, we will find ourselves telling what may seem to be the funniest story ever except that once it is finished, we are the only ones laughing. We go home trying to rationalize ways our friends could have just lost their sense of humor at that point; we find nothing. You may be one of the select few who will be able to see why the story wasn’t as funny as you thought it was after simply thinking about it; I’m not.

One of the purposes of this blog is for visionaries to come together and share their stories. To me, The Visionary is an outlet were everything can be laid out and struggles/successes can be identified and assessed, all in hopes of revealing the vision and passing it along.

After all, we are a composition of our defects looking for greatness.

-David Gastèlum

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I was fascinated by the Great Defects piece, as I really connected with the article. I certainly have experienced more than a few occasions of regretting particular things I said or actions I took, as I often thing “I could have done that better”. I too acknowledge that I have many defects, and strive to improve upon them.

Paulo Miro

David, as I read your post all I could think about was dominant information. As you mentioned your desire to learn more and more about your flaws so that you could learn from them and improve, you really are just desiring that your flaws may be seen as dominant information so that you can — without a doubt — pinpoint them and learn from them. Very cool!

Tyler Paplham

I find your views on defects highly interesting. I think its important that we as human beings recognize our great defects and understand that some of them are not visible all of the time. I also think that its important to understand that these defects come from initial conditions like anything else.

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