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Heath had a vision of how his perfect family was supposed to be.  Heath had always grown up being successful in everything he did, and he expected his kids to be successful in the same way. 

When life threw Heath and his wife a curve ball, they were scared and didn’t know how to accept a child with Down’s syndrome – both of them felt like they had lost a baby.  However, as the dad and daughter developed a relationship and became a team, Heath’s perspective on life and a ‘perfect family/child’ changed.  From the beginning, the initial conditions of Paisley’s birth determined the outcome.  Heath went through the Cycle of Learning — perceiving, processing, applying, and changing.  By the end of the film, he changed his outlook on life and saw his daughter’s down syndrome as a positive light instead of a burden.


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  1. Rizwan Assainar


    It is amazing to see the father supported the daughter. There are family who keeps complaining and blaming the creator for providing a child with some deficiencies. It is wonderful that Heath took care of his daughter and gave all happiness to the family. If all the family members were negative about have a defective child, the situation would have been worse. Like the article suggests, it was a cycle of learning for Heath. He was proactive and goes through the cycle of learning like a Type A person and perceives more. Later applying, processing and changing his outlook towards his thoughts about having a down syndrome daughter.

  2. Camille Armendariz


    I think what is so amazing about this story is to see how a certain event has a certain outcome for a certain reason. Heath’s daughter was born so that he would grow and go develop his Cycle of Learning. It’s important to notice that at the before his daughter was born, Heath EXPECTED a certain kind of success from his kids which exemplifies a more RS person. He did not already know things and was not fully processing the information around him until after his daughter’s birth.

  3. Michael Bradley


    For me this shows the concept of WiomM. He wanted a family, so he surrounded himself with a family. Instead of focusing on the details, he looked at the big picture and decided his family was more important. The person is at equilibrium with their surroundings – family was what was most important to the father here.

  4. Eric Bryan


    The ability to look past a person’s shortcomings is an important part of a “type a” mentality. In life there times when we make false assumptions of person because all we see is their flaws, when they actually have much to offer than what we see initially on the surface. The father in the above article has never had to look much beneath the surface as he has always been successful in everything he does. Having a daughter with down syndrome came as a sudden but beneficial occurrence as he was able to attain the type A mindset while simultaneously overcoming his own internal struggles.

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