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150402 Sunset

I stood leaning against the rails of a wooden bridge, taking in the scenic atmosphere. A small creek gently trickled beneath me, flowing through the lush green, rustic backdrop. The tender branches of trees swayed and leaves rustled in the evening breeze. The sun was sinking under the horizon, rendering a glorious orange color to the sky. The aura of peace and silence made me wonder why everyday didn’t feel as relaxing and calm as this one. Do we have to take a break and go visiting places every time sought peace? It didn’t seem to be a logical solution. I felt that eradicating the cause of the problem would be more rewarding than trying to minimize the repercussions.

To find peace, our environment has to be a happy one. On a superficial view, this is not always the case as the life of a grad student is stressful due to the coursework and grades and finding jobs. But we just have to realize that if we do our part well, there is no need to worry about the consequences. To add fuel to the fire, there are people out there just waiting to pull us down. A lot of us face problems due to the looters who flatter us and back bite later on.  It is incredible to see how many problems are caused due to these people who just don’t seem to understand. Their loose talk and double games are prevalent, everywhere, from every household to every government. This has caused families to divide, relationships to break and nations to become hostile towards each other. As Dr. Kashiwagi rightly puts it, the world will become a much better place if people talked less.

For many, their problems make life seem chaotic and there is no order in this world. Small obstacles seem to be major handicaps in their path to success. But according to the KSM, a visionary understands that only he is in control of his life and no one can influence it but him. Everyone talks about wanting to change the world for the better. Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. The change must come from within. People should stop blaming others and start taking responsibility for their actions. When people become accountable for their actions, they tend to do things in a better way, which sets their path towards perfection. This gives self-satisfaction and confidence. This eliminates the reason to pull others down, as the blindness is dispelled by the light of wisdom.

When we look back on our lives, we shouldn’t see all the blind people. Being happy and peaceful is in our hands. Irrespective of whatever the problem is: academics, career, relationships or what not, it will always be our actions that determine our happiness, success, or failure, because we are in control of our lives and surroundings, not anyone else. When we break the chains binding us and become free thinkers, we will realize that this is the key to inner peace.

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  1. Saud Almutairi


    I totally agree with the author or the writer of this piece. Life is what you make of. If we as human don’t changes or rather fulfill our dreams then life itself is baseless. As grad student, I always wanted to be the author of my future. The author talked about the choice we as a grad students need to make in order to make means of our life. It is amazing how he noted the correlation between the environment and our decision making.

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