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Last season Kobe Bryant suffered a serious injury: a torn Achilles tendon. According to the American Journal of Sports Medicine, only 44% of NBA players were able to return to the NBA and play for more than one season after having surgical repair.  The other 56% either never returned to the NBA or were forced to give up the sport due to pain or other complications.  Bryant has told fans that he “shattered” the normal timetable for recovery from his injury.  Three-and-a-half months post surgery and Bryant can walk perfectly fine, an accomplishment that takes most NBA players, 5-6 months to recover. Bryant is predicting that he will be back on the court before Christmas.  Is this possible?

Kobe Bryant has a reputation for being extremely determined.  He takes the game and his craft more seriously than perhaps any other player in the NBA.  Countless commentators have spoken of his “warrior ethos” and “will to win.”  When his team is losing, he has been known to take it upon himself to score more points.  Though this tactic is not without flaws, as he could most likely maximize his team’s efficiency by utilizing the talents of other players more frequently, historically speaking Bryant has been able to spur his team to victory with his renewed vigor.  As this event can only happen one way, and the conditions have already been set, it is likely that Kobe Bryant will make a recovery more complete than most other players will. Though Bryant cannot fight biology, his determination and will to win may enable him to recover more completely than others. If his ankle creates new limitations, it is likely that Bryant will work (and succeed) to overcome the limitations.

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  1. Serb Brar


    Kobe Bryant’s career is not over yet, but it can be if he continues to push his injury like this. It is actually easy to predict how his career will end just by drawing comparisons to injuries that require a longer timetable to heal. For example, the way that Kobe came back is very similar to the way that Mike Shanahan had Robert Griffin III play a playoff game during last season for the Redskins after severely injuring his right knee in the previous game. As a result, it took Griffin almost all of the preseason as well as most of this season to become even a shadow of his former self, and Griffin is way younger than Kobe. This can be contrasted with the way that Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls handled his injury, in that he took a whole year off to rehab his injury and get back to his full capacity. If Kobe Bryant wants his career to remain, he will follow the example set by Rose, and fully rehabilitate his injury.

  2. Isaac Martinez


    I do not keep up with Kobe Bryant and or the Lakers; all I know about these two entities I get from occasionally watching ESPN. However I will say one thing, Kobe will retire as one of the best basketball players of all time, despite numerous injuries he has suffered throughout his career, he still continues to out perform ninety percent of his peers when he is on the court. With regards to his latest injury, the fact he has appeared to make such a quick recovery may be an indicator he will definitely be in typical fashion once the regular season starts. Granted he is getting older and may not be able to (physically) keep up with some of the younger players coming into the league; yet we forget he is a seasoned veteran and can utilize his numerous years of experience to assist him and teammates. A player like Kobe will out play and out smart younger players he is competing against because of the pool of knowledge he can relay on. He may no longer be a spring chick anymore but as he gets older I feel he will adjust his style of execution and learn to play more efficiently, while experiencing similar results of those working much harder.

  3. Ethan


    Kobe is getting old. I don’t know even if Kobe came back, I don’t think that he would be the same player due to his injury. Determination or not, 44% is a pretty high statistic to overcome, especially at Kobe’s age. He is working with the best doctors and experts that money can buy and if that has anything to say he very well may return, but I believe Kobe’s career is coming to an end never mind an injury or not.

  4. John


    Kobe Bryant is a player who has become so successful because of his determination and will. He is known for his “pushing to the limit” mentality. I agree with this article that Kobe will overcome his limitations. I think it is possible to predict this by using his past. In his career he has: broken his wrist, sprained his ankle, shoulder injury, index finger injuries, and a knee surgery. Even with these set backs he has become arguably the best player. One can easily predict that Kobe’s mentality will push him to get by his latest injury.

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