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150219 leadership

The modern working environment calls for a change from the traditional leadership theory, according to which leaders lead, influence and inspire. The traditional theory says that a leader focuses on changing people and motivating them. It follows a top to bottom approach, where the leader is looked up to as the higher authority. A traditional leader is not transparent, and also makes room for blame when things don’t work out. These traits have been identified as managerial traits by using the KSM and best value approach, analyzing the views of leadership experts and conducting an industrial survey. A new leadership model has thus been developed, where the leader does not influence people but rather aligns them in the right direction. A leader shouldn’t change people, but rather change the system.

The new leadership model gives a better definition to leaders, which is in acceptance with the present work culture. According to the new model, leaders perceive and use information. They are responsible. They assign the right task to the right people and see where they would fit. This broadens the line that differentiates a leader from a manager. A leader seeks vision, whereas a manager seeks objective. The leader challenges the status quo, does things differently and thinks out of the box, but a manager accepts things the way they are.

A leader would have long term visions, he would innovate and perceive information to come to conclusions. But a manager has short term goals, would be administrative and controlling, and makes decisions.  It is a manager’s characteristic to influence, control and direct people, as opposed to the traditional leadership theory.  The new leadership model is a bottom to top approach. Managers do things right, but a leader does the right thing. A leader who practices the modern leadership model would give no room for blame. But a manager blames his subordinates if things do not work out the way it should. A leader is proactive, but a manager is reactive. A leader would give credit to his team and be one among them. A manager orders his team and takes credit.

This new leadership model based on alignment and not influence. This increases the productivity as the leader identifies the capability of people, the right job for the right people, it is flexible and takes into account the limitations of the workers and the industry. This is a more successful model and it best fits the society today.


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  1. Reply

    The leader cannot change or control his employee. Instead, the leader can change the system and lead the team with good direction. People should change themselves and a good leader will help them to do that. The good leader will increase the productivity, the performance, will identify the capability of people, will give the right job to the right person. This is what the leader should be. At the end, Martin Luther King, on the eve of his death, gave an incredible speech. He said, “I know there are challenges ahead, there may be trouble ahead, but I fear no one. I don’t care. I have been to the mountain top, and I have seen the Promised Land.” THE GOOD LEADER SHOULD BE AT TEH MOUNTAIN TOP. AND HE/SHE HAS TO SEE THE FUTURE.

  2. Vijayanand Narasimhamoorthi


    This article about the new leadership model is quite interesting and closely matches with IMT course. As mentioned in the article leader shouldn’t influence people but align them in right direction. A leader is also said to be a visionary as visionaries always focus on long term vision and takes responsibility. Managers on the other hand always focus on the current scenario and focus on short term to fix things right but blind enough to foresee what happens in future. A leader always analyzes the potential of each individual and brings the best out of each individual at right time when needed. Managers just give orders to his subordinates to get things right, which is sort of influencing and bringing people under control to the environment which often ends up in blame game during trouble times. Leaders always take the blame and responsibility for any debacle. Most cases leaders do take right decision to proceed further as they perceive proper information.

  3. Reply

    This is a great article that points out what is learned in Dr. Kashiwagi’s classes.
    The present model of management used today is one of management, direction, and control. Managers seek to motivate their workers by using these means.
    The model of leadership that we are being taught is one that aligns workers into positions that are suited to the individuals abilities, accounting for worker limitations.
    By doing this, the workers then seek to improve themselves and production increases.

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