Spoilers Ahead!

Heather1The other day, while I was babysitting my niece, we decided to watch the movie Megamind. It’s a story about this blue alien guy that happens to be a villain who has worked his whole life trying to be the bad guy and defeat his enemy “MetroMan.” Eventually, he does, and soon discovers that what he was working for this whole time really wasn’t what he wanted. He creates a new super hero, only this person ends up turning into a bad guy. This forces
Megamind to act in response, he discovered that Metroman is really not dead and tries to persuade him to help. When Metroman refuses, Megamind must embrace his destiny and be a hero instead of a villain. Heather2I was surprised while watching this how many KSM’s and IMT references were present in a children’s film.

To begin with, Megamind grew up believing that he was supposed to be a supervillain even though he wanted to be the hero. He grew up believing that he was supposed to be evil while Metroman was going to be the hero. Metroman takes control of his life by faking his death so that he could pursue his career in music despite the fact that people needed him. At first, I thought that Metroman was doing something selfish and for his own interest but in reality he was very observant since he knew the outcome of the event. He knew Megamind, and that he has always wanted the opportunity to be “the good guy.” Metroman stepping down as hero actually gave Megamind the courage to finally step up and be the good guy which he longed to be. When someone is living their life for themselves it will be more beneficial to others than living your life for others.

Heather3Another part of the movie that stood out to me is when Megamind created a new superhero. He tried to control this kid into being a hero when he never truly was good. So his attempt to influence and control him backfired and he ended up creating a new villain instead.  This proves that even a powerful villain can’t control others. The last thing that I observed was all of this was supposed to happen because there is always only one outcome. All of the choices that the characters made happened the way they did because they were supposed to and Metroman was the only one that understood and could look into the future which is why he was not concerned for the city.

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