immigrantsThe police in Czech Republic wrote identification numbers on the hands of migrants using indelible inks is seen similar to what the Nazis did with the Jews.  In a similar event in Hungary, the migrants were tricked into boarding a train and were taken to the so called “reception” camp. Hungary is planning to build “transit” zones where the coming migrants will be stationed until their case is resolved, it’s very likely that these migrants will be sent back under law as they have crossed many ‘safe’ countries before arriving in Hungary. The migrants flood rising from burning Middle East and Africa is flowing towards West Europe where a few countries are ready to shelter them. The indifference towards coming migrants has worsened the crisis causing rise in human trafficking and depleting Human Rights. The border-less Europe now facing biggest migration crisis after World War II, is trying to draw boundaries of responsibilities across its political geography and pushing each other to take more ‘burden’ with very few positive takers such as Germany.

The countries most suffered during the World War II are now becoming oblivious to the suffering of people coming to their gates. The fact that the numbering of migrant was not done with purpose without realizing to what it symbolizes, is more surprising, showing puzzling historical apathy in the places which faced the devastating Holocaust and are full of its memorials. It’s very difficult to comprehend that the countries once build on Humanitarian Aids and reliefs few decades ago and now healthy and successful is turning away from their duties towards other people in need.



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