The provided link is to a scene from the movie, Miracle. This movie is a classic underdog story depicting the upset of the Soviet Union by the USA in the 1980 Winter Olympics. This scene is one of the most consequential scenes in the movie as Coach Herb Brooks picks his entire roster before the first day is over during a weeklong tryout. He doesn’t consult any of the “advisors” or committee members before the decision, although this was the original plan. This decision, as well as many other actions that Coach Herb Brooks takes, is based on some fundamental IMT concepts.

150603 HockeyFirst off, Coach Herb Brooks recognizes that he controls his own choices therefore he decides the plan for the team. Throughout the movie, advisors, players, other coaches, and his committee members try to control him to run the team the way they want. After the team was announced on the first, and ultimately, last day of tryouts, the head of the USA committee tells Herb to come inside and pick his team with his advisors. Herb declines this request and sticks with the team he picked which shows his expertise even in a situation where his bosses try to become more involved.

150603 TrophyIt is also important to note that Herb’s team is not made up of the best players that were available. Some of the biggest letdowns in USA Olympic performances have come when labeled “Dream Teams” do not have the necessary chemistry to succeed.

Coach Herb Brooks avoids this potential let down by analyzing the initial conditions, where they are at during the tryout, and determines what their ability will be by the time they go to the Olympics. He doesn’t pick the players who lack team chemistry, he picks the players that will fill the necessary roles of his team. A prime example of this way of thinking was his choice to place Craig as his starting goalie. As the scene shows, Craig was not in a great place on or off the ice when the tryouts occur. However, Coach Brooks utilizes IMT principles to determine that he will be a valuable piece to his team when the Winter Olympics come along.

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