150522 EmployedThe Industry-to-Academia program aims to solve the lingering issue that both industry and education are in silos, and both struggle to think in the best interest of the other and utilize each other’s expertise. LSA has recently begun to address this issue by partnering with Arizona State University, the largest university in the United States, to work with over 300 of ASU’s top 10%, who have been exposed to the Best Value IMT leadership principles. Secondly, LSA has been actively recruiting equally visionary local Phoenix companies that desire to improve and innovate, with the motivation to align ASU students with the local companies to run semester long research projects. The main goals of the program include:

1. Allowing students to progress in their education and professionalism through real world problems

2. Providing organizations access to highly skilled students entering the workforce

3. The education and development of LSA’s revolutionary leadership model

Research Project details

The focus of this program is to provide students with opportunities to partner with companies to give them experience in implementing project management and leadership techniques in a professional environment. Companies are partnered with student consulting teams of 2-5, focused on improving business processes and organizational performance. The teams will work with the companies to identify a research project that will be conducted during the semester. Research projects can range from the following:

1. Company has a clear problem students can solve

2. Company needs further exploration in a potential interest or problem

3. Company wants an overall department, regional, or industry performance analysis

4. Company would like a team to observe a process or product performance


•  15 weeks (starts Aug. 26 – December 2)

Project Deliverables

• Students are required to create a final report and PowerPoint presentation that addresses their specific challenge

• Students will also work with the company, to identify any additional deliverables required for the project

Business Involvement Requirements

• Create a general scope of work

• Meet with student team at a minimum 2 times during the length of the project

• Complete a performance review of the student team at the end of the project

• Mentor student team


Currently there is no cost to use our student services. This is part of an ongoing research effort, to prove adding value does not take years of experience, but can be reduced by using logic and common sense.

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