K12-to-College Program

The K12-to-College program aims to provide young students with innovative leadership development training to better prepare them for college and beyond. We provide training to the most visionary schools and educators who are motivated to help develop and proliferate a new leadership education model which focuses on strong academic and industry partnerships.

By partnering with LSA, K-12 institution leaders will have access to cutting edge research at Arizona State University and online education and training on leadership principles that have been proven to increase efficiency by up to 40%.

The new leadership education model teaches students how to use simple logic and natural laws to solve everyday problems faced in school, at home, and with the people around them. This model emphasizes that confusion comes from too much thinking and too many technical details. By supplementing traditional education with the new methodology students and teachers learn how to:

1. Lower stress

2. Minimize complex decision making

3. Align resources by utilizing expertise

4. Effectively lead without using management, direction and control

5. Envision the future with a greater clarity

6. Absorb new concepts 4-5 times quicker

 Services Provided:

LSA, in partnership with Arizona State University, provides a range of services for students and teachers from both public and private schools/organizations. The innovative nature of our effort allows us flexibility in how we work with organizations. Pricing available upon request.

Classroom Info Session

A one time presentation. Our staff comes from varying fields of expertise. LSA presentations can cover a variety of topics such as: leadership, motivational speaking, personal planning, college and career readiness, and conflict resolution.

Summer Leadership Program

LSA provides summer courses for students that focus on leadership, personal development, conflict resolution, and career/academic planning. We are also able to partner with schools and school districts to teach courses in a classroom setting. For information on our upcoming summer course CLICK HERE

Deductive Logic and Leadership 8 Week Course

The 8 session leadership training course originates from the LSA partnership with Tempe High School. Once per week, LSA instructors teach on a high school campus for 40 minutes at a time. Students are introduced to the basics of the LSA leadership methodology.

Professional Leadership and Teacher Training

The LSA approach is applicable to a variety of subjects and curricula. We are able to work closely with teachers to implement our teaching strategies in their already existing curricula. Through our professional seminars, teachers will learn how to increase student performance by making learning simpler and more enjoyable for students.

Full Course Curriculum and License 

Based on our 20-year research and 6-years of ASU undergrad/grad courses, we have developed a full semester class package that can cover up to 60 hours of class time. Organizations can purchase the full course curriculum and LSA and ASU staff will provide training, support, and classroom visitations. Organizations will gain full licence privilege for creative control.

How to get involved:

1. Attend our semi-annual leadership conference

2. Download THIS FLYER

3. Contact Jake Gunnoe

Current Partners

-St. Louis High School, Honolulu, HI

-Tempe High School

-San Bernadino Unified School District

For more information contact:

Jake Gunnoe

Director of Educational Development


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