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Professional Education & Training

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The LSA Student Chapter has partnered with Kashiwagi Solution Model Inc, an international consulting company, to expose professionals to additional best value training. KSM Inc.’s mission is to support better business practices in all industries through the use of Best Value’s Information Measurement Theory (IMT). They are interested in helping businesses decrease stress, and cost while maximizing productivity. There are several different options to learn more:

1. Best Value Books

These books contain the theory that has revolutionized the procurement industry and the knowledge to implement improvements into any industry of business.

2. 2016 Best Value Conference

The Conference is a five day training comprising of presentations, training exercises, Q&A sessions, and collaboration gatherings so that you can get the most out of our conference.

3. Best Value Online Training

This comprehensive training contains 10 hours of training and 18 presentations that cover the basics of best value practices to the advanced implementation into the industry.

4. Projects & Education

We are always looking for organizations or individuals that want to implement the Best Value System! We can do educational seminars to inform organizations of The Best Value Approach and support people who are looking to run test projects.

5. Facebook & LinkedIn

Stay in connection with us by finding following us on Linkedin: http://linkd.in/1JAYlbJ or Facebook: http://on.fb.me