A study across the six countries suggests that stricter parents often have kids who use more drugs, tobacco, and alcohol.

The European Institute of Studies on Prevention conducted surveys in six different European countries to observe the correlation between parent-child relationship, and young/adolescent drug use. From the 7,000 surveyed adolescents the study gathered that kids who claim to have more controlling parents experiment more with drug and alcohol use, while kids with parents who reason with them abstain from substance abuse.

The study is unable to provide conclusive suggestions to parenting styles, but researchers posit that the most important thing is for parents to have “a good relationship with children.”




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  1. Ryan Levinthal


    In regard to IMT, I think this directly relates to the notion that only you can control your own life. Those who felt that they were not in control, those with stricter parents, desired to rebel against what they felt was a dominant decision maker in their life. The taboo aspect of drugs made those with a feeling of little control over their life believe that they were giving themselves more control by performing these actions. This is the opposite of what happens with the children who did not have strict parents as those without the feeling of lost control felt little need to reach to drugs in an effort to have the belief that they were truly the ones in control of their life.

  2. Ravi Prathipati


    Where was the study taken in? Because this could just be based on the location or the religious affiliations of the parents. However, the results do make sense, in that kids often want to rebellious and want to do the opposite. I can see that slowly showing the causes/effects, it can build a “respect” for the substance and allows them to be responsible with their lives.

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