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A Chinese man (Mr. Yuan) has been dating 17 women at the same time but after his girlfriends all turned up to visit him in the hospital following a recent car crash, the secret is out! The women ranged from age 20- 40 years old, and some of them had been in a relationship with him for over a decade. It appears that this Chinese man’s motives were monetary because of countless times in which he swindled tens of thousands of dollars from his girlfriends. He now faces criminal charges.


Interestingly enough, after Mr. Yuan was exposed, many people tried to contact him in an attempt to learn his methods. In other words, even though the entire plot blew up in his face, there were still many other people who thought Yuan had the right idea…

Mr. Yuan’s story is not a unique one. History has told us time and time again that hidden plots begged to be revealed. The world is completely transparent, any plot can be revealed if someone smart is looking close enough, or if enough mistakes are made.

So, how do you think Mr. Yuan’s copy-cats are going to fair at this game?

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  1. Adriana Nelson


    a. This is an interesting article that accurately displays the transparency of the world. Another IMT method I believe that can fall into the purpose of this article is that when things are made less simple, they become more complicated and that’s when error and stress both increase. In this case, Mr. Yuan’s car accident, on top of the 17 girlfriends he had, increased the risk involved, making the situation more stressful and easier to detect the flaws in his scheme. As for the people attempting to follow this model, they are in for a rude wakening as well when it blows up in their face. After all, there is only one result for every condition.

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