Peyton Manning just won his second Super Bowl and has cemented his legacy as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL. He has built himself a reputation as one of the best ever to play the position, while also being one of the best men to ever suit up. He is usually described as classy and humble, and is thought of as a great person overall. His character has never been questioned and he has always been portrayed as a role model for children. However, all of this changed recently when a report came out claiming that Manning’s image has all been false and is the result of an elaborate cover-up.

peytonmanningA recent lawsuit filed against the University of Tennessee by six former female students claims that the university did not take any action on multiple cases of sexual assault. One of the students alleged of sexual assault in the lawsuit is Manning. According to the report, Manning assaulted the associate athletic trainer for the football team, Dr. Jamie Naughright. The report states that, in 1996, while Dr. Naughright was examining Manning’s foot for a potential stress fracture, he shoved his naked penis and testicles into her face. Dr. Naughright reported the incident and Manning claimed that it was a misunderstanding and that he was just mooning his teammate Malcolm Saxon. Saxon denied Manning’s version of the story and says that he lost his eligibility because of this. Shortly after the incident, Dr. Naughright left the University of Tennessee and agreed to not talk about the incident as part of a settlement with Manning. She later took a job at Floride Southern College, but was later fired from there after a book written by Manning and his father accused Dr. Naughright of doing inappropriate things, such as sleeping with student-athletes. However, the accusations did not actually have much evidence behind them and they were denied by many people. This led to a lawsuit by Dr. Naughright, which was settled for an undisclosed amount in 2003.

48480400.cachedThe details that have recently emerged paint a completely different picture of Manning. The accusations make him seem like a completely different man and lead to many questions about who he really is. This whole situation relates to the principles of IMT. The information that has recently been revealed may cause some people to say that Manning is a different person than who we thought he was and that he has been hiding his true self all these years. However, this is not the case. Manning is still the same person he was, as people do not change. The only thing that has changed is the way we perceive him. In the past, we viewed him differently because we were lacking information. However, now that we have more information, we are better able to understand who Manning really is. The more information we continue to receive about him, the clearer the picture will be of his character.



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