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USA Today discusses the current protest in Hong Kong, involving many people and students, due to the Chinese government’s recent announcement to control the democratic election coming up in 2017. Recently, occupiers and protestors claim the government allowed the mafia to attack them while they were protesting peacefully.

The protest is an example that one entity cannot control another entity, The Chinese government attempted to control the election, which the people protesting perceived to be a violation of their rights and deliberately disobeyed. People will not only do what they want, but also resist any attempt to control them.

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  1. Luyao Liu


    I actually think they are type-C people. It looks like they are protesting controlling, but most of them are students and are manipulated by politicians. Because they have limited information and perception, they do not know the truth about this event. They believe what politicians have told them. They are too lazy or lack of the ability to think through the whole problem and situation themselves. They choose to listen to the politics who have their own political targets instead of protecting Hong Kong.
    In addition, they are protesting peacefully by refusing to eat. They cannot see the consequence of this action. It will make them unhealthy.

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