Video Game Surgeons

A series of studies analyzed at an American Psychological Association in Boston have suggested that video games accelerate problem-solving and reaction skills in younger students and in surgeons increase the capabilities required for laparoscopic surgery, a complex form of surgery that involves micro-incisions, video feeds, and robotic controls. One study claimed that of 33 surgeons,

Modern Torture

Torture has been around for ages and has been used in many different ways. The traditional reasons for torture is to punish and discourage others from committing crimes but the most common use is to obtain information. Although torture is considered inhumane and uncivilized, the practice continues today because people believe that it is necessary to get

Cheese, Dogs and a Pill to Kill Mosquitoes and End Malaria

The speaker (Dr. Knols Bart) talks about the African Malaria Mosquitoes (AMM) that kill a lot of people around the world, particularly in Africa. AMM have been killing enough children to fill seven jumbo 747s crashing every day. Dr. Knols during his Ph.D. research figured out that AMM like to bite the foot and legs then