Whole Foods: Salaries Exposed

MSN Money reports Whole Foods has been exposing its employees’ salaries since 1986, when co-CEO John Mackey introduced the open policy. Once a month, Whole Foods collects financial data from each of the chain’s locations. Leaders in this industry believe it is important for its employees to see how much money others in the company are making, to motivate them on what it takes to reach a certain dollar amount. There have been some disputes within the company about certain parties making more money, but Mackey explains how people are paid based on their performance and level of value. He believes this approach creates a high trust organization and causes employees to become increasingly invested in the company.

Bigger Brains

It seems reasonable to believe that physical fitness is linked to brain and heart health, especially as people age. A study in a recent article gives evidence to this idea. Researchers conducted an experiment in middle-aged adults around the age of forty. The participants were given a treadmill test to assess their physical fitness. The

Altruistic Genes?

A study conducted by Dr. Leonardo Christov-Moore, and a publication in the journal of Social neurosciences, investigated the altruistic nature of individuals. With the use of the functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), brain activity was observed as participants where shown a video of a hand being poked with a pin. The participants were also requested

Video Game Surgeons

A series of studies analyzed at an American Psychological Association in Boston have suggested that video games accelerate problem-solving and reaction skills in younger students and in surgeons increase the capabilities required for laparoscopic surgery, a complex form of surgery that involves micro-incisions, video feeds, and robotic controls. One study claimed that of 33 surgeons,