Stop and Stare

This song is about someone perpetually thinking about the action he has to take, but never actually doing anything. This is the person who knows that he isn’t happy and feels like he’s changing, but actually isn’t changing anything in his life. He has the belief that he would be happier doing something else, but

TED Talk Ernesto Sirolli: Want to help someone? Shut up and listen!

What differentiates successful entrepreneurs from failed ones? Why do some organizations seem to produce and others cannot? Are successful entrepreneurs just lucky or is there a logical explanation? These questions were posed by Ernesto Sirolli, who describes in this Ted Talk his experience while working in Africa at age 21, as an Italian social entrepreneur.

End of the World

This poem speaks for itself.  Prince Ea makes the listener aware of several pitfalls that we, as a people, have fallen victim to.  We have polluted the natural environment, making it unlivable for some animal species.  We have become dependent upon medication and technology.  We have allowed discrimination based on race and religion to exist.