In the video, Tesla CEO Elon Musk discusses Tesla’s decision to release all patents so that other car manufacturers can implement the technology they’ve created.

To most, the releasing of patent information would seem like an awful business move. In reality though, this decision is genius. By being transparent, Tesla will not only ensure that future electric designs correspond with their own, they also are doing their part to help create a more sustainable transportation system for us all.

What do you think about this video, and how does IMT show up for you?

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  1. Adriana Nelson


    While at first this information of Tesla relaxing their patent information surprised me as it is almost as if a their “secret ingredient” to what makes them so successful is just being handed to the other electric car companies. However, after thinking it through, by doing this they are just going to create a more competitive market in the industry of electric cars. While this decision may seem risky, it will in turn help benefit the Tesla company in the end. Since Tesla is a dominate chain in this industry, they don’t have much competition, and without competition they can’t raise their prices to create a bigger profit margin. However, if there are other competitors out there it will help drive up the prices in the end.

  2. Tej Hendel


    In my opinion, this decision by Tesla will do nothing but having positive ripples throughout the field of electric vehicles. It’s mainly because of them that electric vehicles are being adopted not only by casual driver-focused companies, but by other companies such as Ferrari and McLaren. This move is genius because it will further advance the automobile industry as a whole.

  3. Vijayanand Narasimhamoorthi


    I will go with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and completely support his decision. He wanted the world to have more number of electric cars which is good for the environment and also for the firm by making lot of money through sharing or selling their patents. Being transparent, this move will encourage other automakers to work on new concepts and bring something new to people with their own available technology. So far Tesla is the only one who is dominant in the electric car, others are still focused on gasoline vehicles which is not focused towards green revolution. Tesla might have become short in doing research work to bring up a new concept. Hence they help other auto manufacturers to bring something new to market.

  4. Eddie Vinciguerra


    I think this move by Tesla is a very good decision all around. By being transparent they will create a huge surge of electric car designs that will make electric car companies more innovative and competitive creating a huge electric car industry. Transparency will work great for them and for the whole economy.

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