The kingdom of Dreams and Madness is a documentary film about the master of the animation, Hayao Miyazaki and two of the worker who works with him for years, Isao Takahata, and Toshio Suzuki. This film follows these three film maker/producers in the studio Ghibli as they were working on the two films, “The Wind Rises” and “The Tale of Princess Kaguya”.

The documentary is mainly about the animation master, Hayao Miyazaki and the production of these two animated films. This movie reveals the processes of making of “The Wind Rises”. From the movie that we realized that while making “The Wind Rises”, Hayao Miyazaki did not have anything scripts or planning for this film. He wrote the story line as the production of the movie processed. “For most of the movie director, this might be the craziest thing ever, but this is how out studio work,” said Hayao.

Hayao Miyazaki had been an animator for his whole life, and directed/created over eleven animation movies, and involved/co created in countless animated movie. His passion with animation is beyond everything. He was 70 years old while he’s working on “The Wind Rises”, which also is his final film him ever going make. Like what Dr. Dean said that we should find the job that’s easy, we love and will make us happy. Hayao Miyazaki is a perfect example of it. He’s passionate with his job, and he loves his job even second. His job really easy for him because he’s the top of the top in his field, and no one ever have guts to question how he creates his anime, which we can see that from that he never finish the story line before they stay making movie.

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