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The ground felt cold. Dirt found its way between his fingers.

“Why are you crying?” asked the Lion

“Because you deserve to die”

“We all deserve to die, we wouldn’t if we didn’t”

“But you, by my hand”

“Why are you crying?” asked the Lion once again.

“Because I can’t kill you” replied the man with a shaky voice.

“Why must I die by your hand?”

“You killed my father!” He launched himself at the Lion once again. The Lion had shattered the Man’s shield during his first attack, all he had left now was his sword, so he ran into the Lion point-first. The Lion easily jumped aside, but did not counter the Man’s attack, instead, he climbed onto the biggest pile of rocks found in the cave.

“Why are you crying?” asked the Lion

“You killed him!” yelled the man, now sobbing and once again on all fours.

“He was dead the moment he left your pack and came looking for me alone. So are you. Leave now, and go perish elsewhere.”

“Tonight is not the night I die,” replied the man. He had been crawling his way to the base of the mount of rubble the Lion rested on, thinking he had not noticed.

“You should go back to your people, and tell them. Since they are mourning you right now,”

“I have no people. They are all cowards who couldn’t care less about me or my father,” he saw how the Lion crossed his front paws and laid his head on top of them. The sky thundered and for a second lit the cave completely.

The Man was now face to face with the Lion.

“Your father was a Hunter, you are not. He deserved to die by me. You do not. Leave! I say, I want no more bloodshed in this cave.”

At that, the Man bolted in one last attempt at the Great Beast before him. Tears and blood blurred his vision; his arms were numb; his spirit broken.

The Lion roared to life, causing the Man to tumble back down, hitting every rock on the way. He had not completely grasped the idea of the fall when he felt the Beast on top of him. His face was full of wrinkles, or was it scars? His fur was thick, suited for the deadly winter they were in. His smell was foul. Bile dripped from his bared fangs.

“Stupid man. Just like your father, you do not even understand what you are fighting against. But unlike him, you are not willing to lose your life coming after me. He did. That is why I killed him. He was a Hunter and I am a Lion. It is the way of life. I feel no remorse killing, but I will not go out of the natural order to kill a stupid man. You have messed with things you should not have by coming here, and for that you will pay with your life. But not by me. I will not partake in this folly any longer.”

The Man, deprived of air, strength and hope, simply closed his eyes.

His aching body awoke him with the rising sun, he limped out of the Lion’s cave and faced the winter only to be defeated one last time.


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  1. Reply

    This was a good written short story. I feel that it does have some IMT values. I see it as the Lion was an expert killer in the wild. The hunter was a man that was not an expert hunter. Only an expert deserves an expert. The man thinking he can kill the lion himself was wrong. The son, knowing that he is not an expert but looking for vengeance for the wrong reason. The lion was only projecting himself. The son realizing the truth of the situation expected it.

  2. Alice Phan


    This was absolutely well-written, David! There is lots of depth in your writing. Not only was your excerpt full of imagery, it also had several underlying themes as well. I find it really interesting that there was a part that said that there is a natural order to life especially given the fact that lions are “beasts” who do not necessarily follow the natural order of things, stereotypically speaking. But just as we learned, everyone, including “beasts” are subjected to the natural laws of the universe.

  3. Tamir Shargal


    This was an incredibly intriguing short story/script. The themes were strong and evident, and the character development seemed strong, even despite the article’s brevity. The lion definitely represents some key IMT characteristics, notably transparency and proactivity. The lion believed that he controlled his environment, and that things can only happen one way, thus he would not kill a man who he believed to stupid, but not deserving of death. Despite just the IMT characteristics of the main characters, I could not get over just how powerful and lucid the imagery felt, due to the descriptive, captivating writing style. I can not say enough good things. Bravissimo, David.

  4. Ruth


    This piece of writing was written in a way that captured my attention and allowed me to truly envision the scenario. I was intrigued by the lion’s refusal to take the man’s life, and the man’s inner conflict due to his father’s death.

  5. Ruth


    I piece of writing was written in a way that captured my attention and allowed me to truly envision the scenario. I was intrigued by the lion’s refusal to take the man’s life, and the man’s inner conflict due to his father’s death.

  6. Nishanth Chava


    The Blog can be said as a masterly piece of writing written to such a simple understanding of even a kid. The IMT concept here as I could see it is evolving and understanding our concious so as to be peace with one self to ease. The way representation of lion is beautifully written and making this our subject in which we can see the man’s life struggle.

  7. Nagendra Ketineni


    The script was so beautifully written, I can just imagine the conversation as it was in reality.

    The gesture of the lion with paws crossed and its head rested made this article feel real as every detail was taken care of

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