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This article chronicles the various responses that people, websites, governments, and corporations had to Russia’s anti-LGBT sentiments.

It includes examples from Google’s pro-gay logo since the Olympics have started to The US’s protection for their athletes, which includes gay individuals. It talks about advertisers who have introduced subtle pro-gay-rights messages in their ads. Additionally, some countries’ teams’ uniforms have pro-gay undertones as well.

This international phenomenon is a great example of the natural law that the more control that is excreted on something, the less effective any control is. Russia is trying to control not just the display of LGBT messages in its country but the sexuality of its people. In response, there are riots in its streets from people trying to protect their human rights.  When Russia then threatens to control the athletes of other countries, these countries and the companies they house rise up to defy any such control. Ultimately control is futile and ineffective.


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