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Twitter has taken the world by storm over the past several years, and by going public recently, the company is going to begin to see an enormous increase in profit. The concept of Twitter is quite basic and most people would be shocked to find that it was actually a “side project in a floundering start-up firm” (Goel). The company is “deceptively simple,” but it is tailored towards the desires of today’s culture.

Society today is obsessed with social media and being able to share their lives online; by allowing for short post or “Tweets,” people everywhere are able to post their thoughts within seconds. The company ingeniously aligned their product for what people really wanted in social media. The fact that Twitter was in fact a side-project only re-enforces the importance of intrinsic motivation over external motivation. The people working on this side project were most likely highly devoted and passionate about their idea and the results speak for themselves. Twitter actually characterized itself as a company “shaped by the people, for the people” (Goel).

By aligning the goals of the company with the desires of the consumers, Twitter has become a multibillion dollar company. Twitter is expected to reach around $1 billion dollars in sales next year, making the company worth around $12 billion.

What other companies do you think have ingeniously aligned themselves with their consumers?



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  1. Reply

    This is a good example of the proper use of “alignment” by a company.
    We learn in IMT that proper alignment of resources will maximize a company’s success. In IMT we normally discuss the alignment of people. In this case though, the company was able to maximize its success by “aligning” its services to the customer’s need.
    I believe this to be a visionary approach to providing the maximum value by the vendor to the customer by meeting the customer’s needs.

  2. Bianca Varda


    I really enjoyed this article because it demonstrates a prime example of an effective business strategy. Twitter – one of the most lucrative social media companies – started out as a side project, but the company has gained a vast following. It is a prime example of how KSM is successful in everyday life. The individuals involved in the initial side project were “left side”. They had a simple goal in mind and thought of how this idea could be used by others. Their motivation was transparent and they were visionary in creating the company. The passions of a few individuals have changed the lives of millions.

  3. Jake Addis


    Personally, I am an avid user of twitter; when I need to know what is going on the world at a moment’s notice, I know that there have been multiple new tweets since I last checked 5 minutes ago. However, I also feel that twitter is a great example of how too much information can definitely be a bad thing. For instance, 10 years ago, we would have to wait a until Monday morning before we ever knew that Carson Palmer had torn his acl. This might have allowed the Cardinals an additional day before the next team they would play, would be able to game plan for the he backup quarterback. This is just one menial example of how the constant influx of information can actually be a bad thing, even though we crave it now. This is not to say that transparency is a bad thing, but instead, that it is not always a good thing to have your information out there for the world to perceive immediately, before you know all of the details.

  4. Serb Brar


    I enjoy how the simplicity of Twitter is highlighted because that is what has made it valuable because the simplicity allows open access to almost anyone. Compared with older and more complex social media sites, Twitter allows new people to easily join and immerse themselves. Another big plus to Twitter is that their customer service and troubleshooting is one of the highest ranked groups on the internet, so they strive to make everything easy for their consumer.

  5. Caleb Vanderploeg


    This is a great example showing how chasing after success often times leads to disappointment but chasing after personal passions leads to success. I am sure that the main projects that Goel pursued were considered the most financially viable but the passions of a few people in the company to make what they wanted led the company to more success than they probably ever imagined.

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