Most people in the world strive their whole lives to gain riches and wealth, always looking for something more. They will do anything that is necessary to gain the comforts of life, but does it really get them what they want? Does happiness really come from material possessions? or is there something more to life.

The “Unsung Hero” is about a man who spends his days helping, and nurturing those people around him. He has very humble circumstances but regardless of his lack of riches, he spends his time and money on those around him. Although it might seem like his efforts are wasted and useless, he starts to see the results of all his actions. The Unsung Hero understands that in serving those around him, he is really only serving himself.

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  1. Camille Armendariz


    It truly is remarkable how such small acts can leave such lasting impacts on people. This video shows why it is so important to be kind and benevolent because you never know exactly how an action you may consider negligible can really impact someone.

  2. Thomas Olsen


    It’s interesting how the things that the “unsung hero” were doing for others were actually very small things, but they made lasting impacts on others and himself. I think it’s important to note that even small acts of service to others can go a long way!

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