fifaThe Brazilians love soccer and the game against Germany that our team lost with the largest score never seen in our soccer history was a deception for us, but in the same time the way that we lost gave to us some lessons about how to prepare for a world cup and that information is the key to achieve the goal.

The first lesson that we learned from the passed episode was that planning is crucial for the successes and according to Josh Hoffert, the German team thought in all details of the planning – “Details have been meticulously drawn to plan in order to gain an advantage over each World Cup opponent, June 15, 2014”(para. 6#). The planning of the German team begun when they decided to build their own hotel and training center that is located in a small city and natural paradise in the south part of Bahia. The complex called “Campo Bahia (Bahia field)” was carefully chosen to give for the athletes the tranquility and infrastructure necessary for they could do their best. As explained by the Germany national team manager Oliver Bierhoff “Acclimatization and recovery will also play a major role at this World Cup, and our camp offers ideal conditions in these respects. Due to the early kick-off times and the heat and high humidity expected in Salvador, Fortaleza, and Recife, we looked for a base where the players could adapt effectively to the kind of things they can expect to encounter during each match, June 15, 2014,”(para. 8#).

Another important fact was the Germany marketing. Since the beginning of World Cup the soccer players of the team started to use frequently the social network as Instagram and Twitter to post pictures with jersey of the Brazilian teams and sentences in Portuguese. For example, the tweet wrote by Lukas Podolski in Portuguese that means “Hello Rio (Rio de Janeiro) I just arrive here. Thank you for the reception. The positive energy of the Brazilians is captivated”, Figure 01. Also, they visited poor neighborhoods, took pictures with the Brazilian flag and received the visit of native Indians. As a result of the marketing, the German team earned the admiration of the Brazilians.

Figure 01. Germany Team interacting with Brazilians in the World Cup 2014.

The last and determinant factor for the triumph of the German team was the coach who has been commanding the team for ten years and three World Cup, counting the last one in Brazil.

Therefore, the Germany journey in the last World Cup can be explained by the principles of the IMT (Information Measurement Theory) that states the more information that we have, the more likely we are to know the future outcome – in this case, the championship of the World Cup. According to this principle, we can say that the German team combined the coach experience acquired in the last two World Cups that they lost that give to him the possibility discover the strengths of his players better due to the fact that he knew them for a while. Also, he could improve his knowledge of the tactics of the other teams. To attest this the German coach Joachim Low declared “I think that we were 50 days together but this is a project we started 10 years ago (14 July, 2014)”. Furthermore, the team was able to collect information about the host country such as climate, location of the games, ways to advertise themselves and captivate the Brazilians.

In addition, although the World Cup changes the location every time, the conditions remain the same. For example, the rules of the game, number of players and formation of the teams on the field remain constant. Therefore, with the same conditions and more information than their opponents, Joachim Low said “I am not even thinking about the possibility of failure (14 July, 2014)”. Reinforced by the words of Joachim Low, we can say by the relation with the MIT that the information acquired by the German team made them more capable to plan their World Cup championship with more certainty than the others teams.


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  1. Jaskaran Gill


    Apart from Germany being better prepared for the World Cup, I feel the major factor behind the loss was the loss of 2 major players (Neymar and Thiago Silva) just before the semi-final. The players who played felt their team had weakened and it was now their responsibilty to lead the team. This led to bad decision making particularly from those players who needed to hold their positions and let more creative players take control of the match. They missed their leaders a lot and that hurt the whole team.

  2. Felipe


    After a quickly analysis of the last World Cup, in Brazil, it is possible notice that Germany team did a great job and really was prepare to win this championship. Even the athletes were completely focused to do their best. And they did, they won the World Cup and showed to the globe that is possible make a seriously work and also increase the quality of life without so much faults.

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