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Striped_hyenas_fightingA zoo in Japan has been attempting to mate hyenas for the last four years and wondering why they weren’t achieving their desired results. The “male and female couple” of hyenas that were bought from a South Korean zoo have turned out to be two males. The Japanese zoo took what the South Korean zoo said without testing the genders of these two hyenas, and has been housing the two together for breeding and wondering why they fought and did not engage in breeding behavior.

After finally testing the sex of one of the two animals, the Japanese zoo found out that they are two males. The Japanese zoo thought they could predict the outcome of the situation based on the information they had, but since they had the wrong information, their prediction was inaccurate. Had they started with the correct information about the genders of each hyena, they would have predicted exactly what was going to happen if they tried to breed them.

The zoo plans on obtaining a female hyena to breed with one of the two males, but given the information about what happened last time, I can confidently predict that they will test the sex of the new “female” hyena before beginning to try to breed her.


Blake, Matthew. “Zoo abandons hyena breeding programme after realising they have spent four years trying to get two MALES to mate”. Mail Online. DailyMail. 03 Oct 2014.


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