The biggest secret I have learned in life is the secret to living free. I grew up in a unique environment which included having “no rules around the house. Most people would think that this type of household would create chaos…. and they were right. I was lazy, a video game addict, couch potato and did poorly in school. I did what ever I wanted without restrictions of chores, curfews, and punishments. As I began to understand the severity of my situation and that I was not happy, I realized that there was no one to blame for my situation but myself.

Although for some reason deep inside, I still felt like I was being controlled. My life was filled with many experiences that allowed me to learn a simple lesson. The lesson I learned was that the secret to living free is to understand that we are already free. The idea of being controlled is only in our minds and once we get rid of it then we can finally live free.

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    This is a very interesting perspective. Most often do we forget that, the only person that can understand what is important to us is ourself. An idea such as living free or the perfect live is only what is in our own perception. Therefore, one should first realize what kind of person he/she is and what is their priority in live and according to this we can create the live we want and live happy.

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