We, AIESEC Arizona State, are currently recruiting for interns for our Global Leader Program.

AIESEC is a non profit, student run organization present in over 120 countries and is, of course, across university campuses nation-wide. We are a leadership development platform striving to create globally minded, capable, and confident young leaders by sending students on international experience programs. We are currently recruiting on a local level for Arizona State University students to help us with related operations (such as Marketing, Finance, Customer Service, External Relations, Sales, etc) and are seeking highly motivated undergraduate students who would be interested in such an experience.

The deadline to apply for the AIESEC Arizona State chapter is January 30th at 11:59 PM.

More information about the Global Leader Program can be found at


And the application to apply can be found at


Additionally, we will be hosting information sessions about the Global Leader Program within the next few weeks.

The dates and times for these info sessions will be announced on our Facebook page at


If anyone has any questions, they can contact me at



We value students who are proactive leaders in their community, open to learning and cultural diversity, and open to challenging experiences and are looking forward to new members!

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