Walking is a thing of the past for amazon employees! With Amazon’s new revolutionary robots, employees no longer have to walk the inventory isles. The inventory product now comes to the employee at the exact time it is needed. This allows the employees to work faster with less fatigue.

Each little robot can lift up to 750lbs but this advanced technology came with a price of $775 million in 2012. Amazon now has 15000 robots on the factory floor making their processing speeds even faster. Last year during Cyber Monday, customers of Amazon were placing 423 order a sec. These robots allow for more inventory space, faster processing times, and are save millions of dollars for Amazon.

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  1. Nicholas Palmer


    This is truly great technology. Sure it was immensely expensive, but this was probably a little bit a a learning curve. As this technology advances and becomes more widespread the costs of implementing it will be decreased. It might be bad for supplying jobs to society, but it reduces the overall costs of products because it doesn’t cost as much to process inventory in the warehouse. It would be exciting to see an entirely unmanned warehouse in the future.

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