The desire for
complete and utter
control is futile

Focusing on my
own life and powers
frees my anxious heart

Controlling myself
is the only way
to make my own mark

Sketching out contours
through self-evidence
invigorates me

Influence may not
exist, but truths are
interesting things

Carving out my world
one piece at a time
frees my anxious heart

Comments (2)

  1. Paulo Miro


    Very interesting pseudo-haiku that portrays a few interesting ideas from the IMT model. The poem evokes a sense of empowerment — regardless of the reader’s knowledge about IMT. It forces one to think about his or her power over his or herself, and motivates one to find freedom in detaching from the world.


  2. Ruth


    I am very moved by the “almost-haiku”, as I feel it portrays the idea of lack of control in a unique light. It was interesting to me how the other focuses on “my own life and powers”, as I have similarly realized that, no matter how difficult it is, self-reflection is crucial in order to improve as a person. I too believe that when you “carve out” your own world–that is when you can achieve value and happiness.

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