huaHua Tuo (140-208) is a legendary ancient Chinese doctor. He is the first person in China to use anesthesia and perform surgeries. He is also famous for his abilities in acupuncture, moxibustion, herbal medicine, and medical exercises. Let’s look into Hua’s advices about sleep:

1. One should not think when he sleeps

“Make it seems like you have no physical body or your whole body is in water, and your body parts start melting until you have no physical body, and fall asleep…”

“Your mind sleeps before your eyes”

One of the main reasons for loss of sleep is due to the person has a lot of thoughts going on this his mind. During those times, it is better not to lay on the bed and not be able to sleep because your mind and health will get damaged even more, makes it even harder to sleep. It’s better to sit up and breathe a little before going back to sleep. If you still can’t sleep, doing simple exercise on sitting position and slow breathing until you start yawning, ready to lie down and sleep immediately.

huatuo2. One should sleep before 11PM, or latest, 1AM

According to Shaolin longevity practice, sleeping is an important part of human’s life. If a sick person refused to sleep before 11PM-1AM, ancient doctors would refuse to cure him, simply because they perceived that that person couldn’t be cured.

Long-term lack of sleep in both genders would damage an individual’s liver and kidney, gradually decrease the blood quality. An observable sign is pale and sleepy face. At this stage, skin care, supplements, or exercise can’t help curing the damage anymore.

It is okay to wake up early, but absolutely do not sleep late.

Most unhappy people have the same bad sleeping habit which leads to damaged liver, gallbladder, and lack of physical and spiritual strength.

Some observable signs: bad eyesight, emotional, unhappy, lack of air in their lungs due to inconsistent breathing pattern in a long time.

Some people say if you can’t sleep at night, you can sleep in during the day. Even though lack of sleep is bad, sleeping during the day is even worse and the body’s strength will get worn out more than half.

3. At noon, one should take a nap or sit down and relax his mind

11AM-1PM, if one can’t afford to take a nap, he should at least sit down quietly, and close his eyes for 15 minutes. During this time, a nap that lasts 3 minutes will equal 2 hours of normal sleep.

huatao4. One should absolutely wake up early

Shaolin monks usually wake up before 6AM during winter, and 5AM for the rest of the year.

According to longevity practices, waking up early will help improve metabolism.

One good thing about waking up early is to help export toxic matters out of the body. If one wakes up too late, his colon can’t work properly.

Also, human’s digestive system works best during 7AM-9AM which is the “golden period” to absorb nutrition.

Hence, one should not wake up too late. One of the main reasons for tiresome and lack of focus is sleeping too much.

Despite the value of his works, most of Hua Tuo’s findings haven’t been recognized by modern medical practice due to the lack of scientific reasoning behind them. However, an observant person wouldn’t need all the details to determine whether Hua Tuo findings are medically sound or not. Just by looking at some of Hua Tuo works, one can immediately see that it agrees with modern medical suggestions, hence, can come to the conclusion that Hua’s works are likely valuable to us, include the ones that have yet been proven by modern science. During the past week, Einstein’s theory of gravitational waves had been proven. This news made me wonder if scientists took the “know nothing” approach and asked “likely” questions, couldn’t they have advanced way more than waiting for the technology to collect “all details information” to confirm a theory of the most talented scientist of mankind?



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