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It’s inevitable. I will be like my twin despite trying all throughout my life to differentiate myself from “my other half”. As little girls, people could only tell us apart from the different color watches we wore. Today it’s the notable difference in hair length. My twin sports a pixie cut while I wear mine to my shoulders. Efforts to differentiate myself, to attempt to disconnect myself from the permanent chain linked between myself and her, have all been for naught. We have gone to different high schools, we have different friends groups, we live apart, but all that effort is rendered useless when I see her walk into class wearing an outfit strikingly similar to the one I’m wearing when I see her. We both are majoring in Finance. We both are drawn to marketing and data analytics. We both have the same opinions on everything. We both have very sensitive stomachs. We both love the same perfumes. The similarities never stop.

Instead of wasting energy on trying to be different, I’ve learned that because it is inevitable, why not just embrace it and move on? We exist from the same initial conditions, genetics and environmental wise. We always seem to frequently converge at various points throughout our life despite these both our efforts to shoot off into opposite directions. I no longer mind. In fact, I look forward to the next occurrence of “freaky twin stuff”.

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    Twins always fascinate me and I know very well that somewhere in the world there is a person that is similar to me visually as well in character. Nevertheless, people say twins can feel what the other is feeling. They know, if something happened to their twin so in that regard, the close connection between them is amazing. I am glad that you except and embrace it.

  2. Alice Phan


    I am glad that you decided to embrace the similarities between the two of you. My sister and I are total opposites, and sometimes I look for similarities between the two of us just to brag to others that my little sister is like me. I find pleasure in having someone like me; it is less lonely. But just remember, nothing is exactly the same. No event/thing can happen the exact same way, so I am sure there are some differences between the two of you if you look hard enough. Best of luck, Meredith!

  3. Hiago Alves


    According to what you wrote, I believe it must have been difficult to have the feeling of not being unique in some moments of your life. But despite this, it must have been a great experience to have someone, since your childhood, that you deeply understand and also deeply understands you.

  4. Lauren Kaiser


    This was enjoyable to read! I personally do not have a twin, but after reading this article, I thought about what I would do in your situation. I think I would act very similarly to how you did, because I have always been someone who likes to be recognized for my individuality and independence. In high school, one of my close friends was very similar to me. Some people said we looked the same, and we were involved in all the same activities and took the same classes. By the time we were seniors, I was really sick of being directly compared to her all the time, or being in direct competition with her. This was really frustrating for me, but after we graduated I realized that all I had to concern myself with was who I was and what I did with my life, and that I wouldn’t be able to control if people compared us.

  5. Tyler Peterson


    While I do not have a twin myself, I do have two older twin sisters and my girlfriend is an identical twin as well. I have seen the “freaky twin stuff” my entire life and since I have been dating my girlfriend I have learned that it is no coincidence that, while each twin is their own person they also have the same tendencies and seem to understand each other differently than others around them.

  6. Paulo Miro



    It has been cool to see how you apply IMT concepts to you and your sister. Genetics really does play a big part in how you two had very similar initial conditions. However I do also believe that the ‘soul’ component of your existence, if you will, has the power to be completely different than your sister. It’s really interesting though to look up articles about how twins have freakishly similar ideas on life. Thanks for the read!

  7. Tyler Paplham


    I really enjoyed reading your experiences as a twin. While I myself am an only child I could imagine how this could be frustrating to you. I find it interesting that you now accept that your initial conditions have set your path for both of you and will indeed result in “freaky twin stuff”. I think this concept can be applied everywhere in life.

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