The government of Liberia has quarantined one of their largest slums and is enforcing the quarantine using their military. An environment enforcing the idea that it is possible to control and limit the movement of their citizens, and attempt to influence the quarantined populace, has had the opposite of their intended effect. The effort to limit food in and out of the quarantined slum and the creation of a heavily militarized environment increases the quarantined populations’ “perception of influence” and leading to a more reactive mentality. Both the government and the quarantined citizens fail to see how particular actions link to a particular outcome. History has repeatedly demonstrated that limiting food and resources to a contained population leads to civil unrest, and that when individuals are placed in a restrictive environment, some will try and escape. This failure has resulted in riots, infected individuals escaping the quarantine zone, and has had an overall negative impact on social stability.


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